Say Yes To The Dress

About 14 years ago I was engaged and ended up buying a dress which to this day I'm still madly in love with. It's vintage and very simple yet oh so gorgeous with lace and silk. 

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Low Country Southern Charm

I went with my family to Charleston in April and had such a great time exploring the city and eating way too much food. Here are some of the places I recommend checking out.

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Wedding Planning Reality

I'm not the type of girl who has been dreaming about their wedding since childhood. Until I met my fiancé I actually never had a desire to get married and never really gave a lot of thought to what my wedding would look like one day.

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The Real Meaning Behind Married at Sea

For starters I'm actually not married. Although I once was engaged and have a wedding dress in storage that I try on every year just to see if it still fits. 

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