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Gift Ideas For Under $100

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I love shopping for friends and family, but often times I find items that I think are perfect for someone that are out of my budget. Sometimes I'll splurge, but usually I'll look for a cheaper alternative. Here's a roundup of some great gift ideas that won't break the bank for friends, family and just about anyone else.

Gift Ideas for the In-Laws

For the In-Laws I'll usually spend around $50. I like to get kitchen or home goods that are unique and not something they would normally buy, but are items that would enjoy using. I got a more expensive version of this Himalayan Salt Block last year and love using it. The Cookie Shot Maker is so fun and different, not to mention delicious to eat.

Gift Ideas for Mom

Throughout the year I will scout out items that I know my mom would love, but will never buy for herself. Usually they are California made products by small businesses that I discover at artisan markets around Los Angeles. The last couple years I've gotten her handbags and jewelry. Here are some items that are luxurious yet practical for mom.



Gift Ideas for Friends

I typically buy a few of my closest friends presents for the holidays and spend anywhere from $15-$75 per person. I must confess I often buy items I'm secretly obsessed with and want to buy for myself, but that I also know my friend will love. Here are some of my favorite items that will make instantly make you the best gift giver.

Gift Ideas for White Elephant Party

I cap my spending on a white elephant present at $10 and seek out items that are fun yet useful.

Gift Ideas for Him

When I'm shopping for the men in my life I tend to buy items I have heard them say they need or want. This way I'm more likely to not disappoint and maybe still even surprise them.

Happy Shopping!