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What's in a Name - The Real Meaning Behind Married at Sea

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For starters I'm actually not married. Although I once was engaged and have a wedding dress in storage that I try on every year just to see if it still fits. If you are wondering why I picked the name Married at Sea for my blog and social accounts here's the truth. 

So there are actually a few different meaning to the name for me, but broadly it's about the past, present and future. See in my past I was going to get married at sea, off the coast of Massachusetts. Something about the ocean is romantic to me, yet at the same time mysterious and unknown. 

The sea can also be peaceful and a place that the ashes of two of my family members have chosen as their final resting place. My memories of them are always at sea on their boats. They were in a way married at sea. It was where they were most happy and where they remain today

Around the same time I broke up with my now ex-fiance I started a blog called Love Bites and for the next few years I wrote a lot about my life and eventually stopped writing on a daily basis. The old blog is still up, although I no longer write on it. 

Last year when I was thinking of starting a new blog I knew it wouldn't just be about my love life. In fact I wanted very little to be about my personal life. I learned from Love Bites that putting your whole life out there on the internet isn't always good for your personal life in the real world. Plus, I'm in a very different place in my life now and am quite happy with my love life.

So when I was thinking of a name for my new blog I thought Married at Sea was fitting. It's like a grown up version of Love Bites with a focus on fashion, travel and lifestyle articles. Gradually expanding on this to include interviews with young and emerging brands as well as unexpected travel destinations and maybe even going back to my roots and including dessert recipes and trade secrets from my years working as a pastry chef. 

If you have a blog I'd love to know how you came up with your name. Leave a comment.