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Greetings from New Orleans

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Dauphine Hotel

For my birthday in March I went with my family to New Orleans. This was our first time here and we all fell in love with the place. We stayed at the historic Dauphine Hotel which is right off the French Quarter. I took this photo in the courtyard of the grounds.


New Orleans French Quarter

The architecture and history of the city is grand and beautiful. We spent a lot of time walking around the french quarter and although we had just missed Mardi Gras there were remnants of the festival all over.

Swamp Tour

On our last day we went on a swamp tour and past this neat old bridge.


The tour guide lured the alligator out with hot dog

Shrek at Mardi Gras World

On a rainy day we toured Mardi Gras World, where many of the floats in the Mardi Gras parade are made. This one of Shrek was in the process of getting a facelift and likely will be in the 2018 festivities.

 Super cool Mardi Gras float

Dylan's Candy Bar