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Top 3 San Luis Obispo Wedding Venues

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On the quest to find a wedding venue, Jason and I went up to San Luis Obispo last month to tour a handful of properties. After my disappointment from the venues in Napa and my overall frustration with the whole wedding planning process I didn't have high hopes for this trip. I will say I was happily surprised by a few properties and the pricing is for the most part much cheaper than Napa. 

Santa Margarita Ranch

My favorite property was Santa Margarita Ranch, which is a beautiful working ranch with rich history. The Asistencia building is the first stone-and-mortar structure built in California. Back in the day it served as a farmhouse, granary, chapel and lodging quarters during the Mission Period. Today, the original building is covered by a protective barn, but the impressive stone walls still stand.

California’s original El Camino Real, the 600-mile “Mission Trail” connecting the state’s 21 missions, ran right through Santa Margarita Ranch. Remnants of El Camino Real are still visible today on the ranch.

The bridal room is the former Wells Fargo building which dates back to the days when the ranch was an official stagecoach stop for Wells Fargo and other stage lines.

Apparently, Daryl Hannah and Neil Young got married here a couple weeks ago which is neat. But, the coolest part of this whole place is Charlotte the owl. She is a beautiful white owl who has made the ranch her home and according to the ranch manager Charlotte is a curious owl who watches party goers from high beams of the barn. The day we were there she was hanging out by the main barn door carefully watching us.


Home Sweet Home Ranch


Home Sweet Home Ranch is a beautifully quirky property with the perfect mix of Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm and Tim Burton vibes. The only real issue I had with the property was it's location which is two doors down for a cemetery and the address is Cemetery Road. Once you are on the property you tend to forget all about the oddity, but when I imagine my wedding invitations I can't get over Cemetery Road. 

If this doesn't bother you then I highly recommend checking out Home Sweet Home. There are palm trees throughout the property and interesting little details all over the place. One of my favorite things about the venue was the treehouse the owner built for groomsmen to relax in before the wedding. The barn was tricked out in kitchy vintage signs and even had an old pick up truck overheard that DJ's could set up and play from inside the truck.


Spreafico Farms

Spreafico Farms was originally part of the Ran­cho Cor­ral de Piedra and one of the oldest existing milking barns in the county. Today, it is a working family owned cattle and vegetable ranch. 

What I loved about this property was the white barn and how beautiful the views were of the rolling hills. But, on the flip side many of the cattle hang out very close to the reception area which I know my mother would not appreciate. It surprisingly didn't smell and there were no flies, but I just know that older guests wouldn't feel comfortable being quite so close to the wildlife.

After this trip I came to the conclusion that having a "real" wedding isn't in the cards for us. But, I'm so glad that I got the opportunity to check out all these places and in the process discover pockets of America that I otherwise wouldn't have.